Best Fire Extinguishers

Fires could put you on a stressful situation wherein every second counts to prevent further damage of your property or even save you and your loved ones from harm.

You need the best fire extinguisher for the job but quite unsure which one is best for your needs and budget, among many options. After our comprehensive research on fire extinguisher brands and discussions among experts in the fire-safety industry, we came up with the list of the best fire extinguisher that will help you stop the fire from spreading within your property as quickly as possible.

First Alert PRO5

The First Alert PRO5 is our top choice for the best home fire extinguisher in 2020. We find it very useful in controlling all types of common fires, including electrical, burning liquids, wood, and paper fires. It is certified by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a leading global safety-testing organization. It only weighs 10 pounds despite exceeding the size recommendations of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Its valve is made with sturdy metal, and it can be recharged for about half the cost of a new extinguisher.


·         Commercial-grade metal valve and head

·         Heavy-duty fire extinguisher

·         Rechargeable after use

·         Includes mounting bracket

·         UL-certified


·         The weight is not for the physically weak person in high-stress situations

·         Does not come with a good wall hanging bracket

Review snippet from an owner

“I had to get this for my house due to the adoption of agency needs. It was the best for the price, and then I just got it inspected for cheap at a local shop in town. I like that it came with a hook as well made installing it easy. Do use hook anchors, by the way.”


Amerex B500

One of the top-rated fire extinguishers on our list, the Amerex B500 is a heavy-duty fire extinguisher that got a high mark on our review for its reliability and effectiveness. Its total weight is around 10 pounds from its five pounds powder and solid steel casing. It features a metal valve assembly and comes with a wall mount as well as a pressure gauge. The 14-second discharge time of the Amerex B500 is enough to put out substantial household blazes. The 2A, 10B-C, or ABC rating of this fire extinguisher means it can fight against liquid, electrical and combustible fires.


·         Includes a wall bracket

·         Works in all kinds of fires: trash, wood, and paper; flammable liquids; and electrical blazes

·         Metal handle and trigger

·         Features a 14-second discharge time

·         Rechargeable


·         The weight is not for the physically weak person in high-stress situations

·         Pricey

Review snippet from an owner

If you are going to keep a fire extinguisher in your home, this is the ‘type’ that you want. It has A, B, and C qualifications. What this means is simple. For most folks who in the panic and reaction to a fire in their homes do not have the seconds to process the type of fire they deal with, this is the unit that makes such a decision moot. An A-B-C unit covers all your bases as it were.”


Kidde Pro 210 Fire Extinguisher

It offers multipurpose protection as it is UL rated 2-A:10-B:C. It meets the requirements of Underwriters Laboratories (UL). The Kidde Pro 210 fire extinguisher can fight Class A (trash, wood, and paper), B (liquids and gases), and C (energized electrical equipment) fires. It has a net agent weight of 4 pounds with 13-15 seconds discharge time, 10-15 feet discharge range, and operating pressure of 100 PSI. Its durable aluminum cylinder is powder-coated for corrosion protection. Easy to read gauge tells the user when the fire extinguisher is charged and ready to use.


·         UL-rated compliance

·         Quick and powerful

·         Fights all types of fire

·         Lightweight

·         Refillable


·         Not reliable in a massive fire with its size

·         It comes with a bracket but no mounting hardware

Review snippet from an owner

Bought it after a fire scare in my kitchen. Afterward, I was somewhat paranoid about fires, so I bought this. It’s about a foot tall, comes with a small metal that you can use for mounting to a wall, and a big sticker telling you where it is.”


Fireman Fire Extinguishing Spray

This is a portable aerosol can with a trigger nozzle for ease of operation. It’s non-toxic, eco-friendly wetting agent is ABC and K certified, specially made for household and automobile fire emergency safety. It can effectively handle indoor electric flames, RV, kitchen grease, gasoline in the garage, oil spills, or outdoor wood-burning fires. Because of its portability, you can have the ability to stop fires in seconds. The Fireman Fire Extinguishing Spray eliminates the need to unlock and find your heavy and expensive extinguisher.


·         Straightforward operation

·         Compact and effective

·         Portable and lightweight

·         Non-toxic, eco-friendly agent

·         ABC and K certified


·         Not for big fires

·         3-year shelf life

Review snippet from an owner

“I have seen it perform very well, and I just have to trust the manufacturer that it will perform if needed…”

AFO Fire Ball Fire Extinguisher

This fire extinguisher comes with a unique design that’s fire suppressant packed in a compact and lightweight ball that’s less than 3 pounds. The elderly and children can use it when needed. No maintenance is required until its lifespan of 5 years. When the fire begins, simply roll or throw the extinguisher ball into the fire. When exposed to flames, its activation strip activates within 3-10 seconds. Once activated, the fire extinguisher ball emits a loud sound (90-120dBA) and disperses a non-toxic, environmentally friendly chemical that can stop the fire from spreading fast in an area from 86 to 107 square feet. Each unit comes with a stand that can be used to put the fire extinguisher ball in fire-prone areas. When it comes into contact with fire, it will self-detonate. It’s suitable for use on ordinary combustibles, flammable liquid spills, and energized electrical fires.  


·         Lightweight, even a child can throw or roll it into the fire

·         Easy to use or install (mounting hardware is included)

·         Suitable for many places

·         Self-activate

·         Class ABC fire extinguisher


·         One unit may not enough to completely extinguish a small fire

·         Provided screws may need to be replaced with sturdy ones

Review snippet from an owner

“Save yourself some money and buy this one.”


First Alert Standard Home Fire Extinguisher

This one of the best home fire extinguishers on the market today is UL rated 1 A: 10 B:C, which means it can fight wood, paper, trash, plastics, gasoline, oil, and electrical equipment fires. It is rechargeable by certified professionals after use. It comes with a metal pull pin with a safety seal to help prevent accidental discharge and tampering.


·         Medium-sized and lightweight

·         All-metal body and handle

·         Includes mounting bracket

·         Price is awesome

·         The maker has an excellent reputation


·         The plastic strap to secure the extinguisher to the bracket is a bit short to fit around the unit

·         The trigger safety pin may fall out if tipped over

Review snippet from an owner

“It works. What do you say about a fire extinguisher? My oven caught on fire, and flames were shooting out of it. This little guy saved the day, making a terrible mess (but that is how it works). Fire went out fast, and it was very easy to use.”


Kidde FA110 Fire Extinguisher

We believe that this model of Kidde fire extinguisher is one of the best multipurpose disposable home fire extinguishers on the market today. It is useful in common combustible fires, flammable liquid fires, and energized electrical equipment fires. This UL-rated fire extinguisher features a metal pressure gauge to verify readiness. Its handle and operating lever are designed to make the unit less likely to slip from oily or wet hands. Even people with arthritis or weakness of the fingers can easily use it to put out fires quickly.


·         UL-rated ABC

·         Metal pressure gauge

·         Anti-slip handle and operating lever

·         Lightweight and corrosion-resistant construction

·         Reasonably priced


·         Plastic mounting bracket

·         Single-use only

Review snippet from an owner

“This little unit SAVED my neighbor’s house from a 2-story fire.”


First Alert KITCHEN5 Fire Extinguisher

This three-pound fire extinguisher, as the name suggests, is specially designed to be effective against common fires in the kitchen. It fights both liquid and electrical fires, and its compact design allows comfortable fit in kitchen cabinets, pantries, or small areas. The included safety seal can keep kids, pets, and loved ones safe from tampering. The kitchen fire extinguisher consists of a kitchen mount, bracket, and strap to comfortably and safely hang in an easy to access spot.


·         Compact design

·         One-press button for status checking of the unit’s pressure

·         A trusted brand in home fire extinguishers

·         Metal pull pin with safety seal

·         UL rated


·         Not refillable

·         Plastic mounting bracket with no mounting screws

Review snippet from an owner

“It is compact and has a low-profile. Not too heavy to handle and operate.”


Amerex B402

It weighs about 10 pounds and is reliable against all types of common household fires, such as wood and paper; burning liquids, and electrical fires. It is equipped with a metal valve, easy to maintain, and allows recharging, making the Amerex B402 reliable and economical.


·         Trusted fire extinguisher brand

·         Nice metal construction

·         Refillable

·         Fights combustible, liquid, and electrical fires


·         The included bracket is more like just a mounting hook

·         Heavy for the elderly and someone with rheumatoid arthritis

Review snippet from an owner

“It’s a decent-sized fire extinguisher that isn’t made of plastic pieces like the others.” 


Kidde ProLine Pro 10lb 10MP Fire Extinguisher

If you are looking for enough power to handle large blazes and can use one, then this Kidde ProLine that holds 10 pounds of chemical fire extinguishing agent and weighs a total of 16 pounds is perfect for you. It has a 4A, 60 B-C rating, which means that it has enough power to put out large blazes. It stands more than 21 inches and requires more storage space than other smaller top-rated fire extinguishers on our list. Discharge time is 19 to 21 seconds and effective up to 20 feet away from the blaze.


·         High-capacity extinguisher

·         Handles large blaze

·         Impact-resistant metal valve, handle and cover

·         Rechargeable

·         UL-rated


·         The elderly may not able to handle it

·         Pricey

Review snippet from an owner

“Familiar, trusted, and dependable brand.”


How We Chose the Best Home Fire Extinguisher 2020

Quality. A team of fire extinguisher experts assessed materials, construction, ratings, or how the fire extinguisher brands meet industry standards, durability, and overall value. We tried out multiple brands to compare their performance head-to-head.

Reviews. We evaluated customer reviews, availability of customer support, and company policies, and installation. We then tried the top-rated fire extinguishers ourselves to verify customer experiences. We did hands-on tests to know how each unit works in real-life situations.

Brand. We gave priority to reputable fire extinguisher brands. We assessed how the company rated by experts, customers, and third-party industry evaluators.  


Features that are important in a fire extinguisher

Fire class. Fire extinguishers’ fire class is designated by letters A, B, C, D, and K in the United States. The best home fire extinguishers are the ABC ones, which can fight common types of fire in a household. If you’re looking for a fire extinguisher specifically for your kitchen or garage, the one designed for grease or electrical fires is best for you.

Size and Weight. Before choosing one among our top-rated fire extinguishers, it is crucial to consider the persons who may use it in a fire emergency. Aerosol options weigh a few ounces, while full-sized extinguishers can weigh up to around 20 pounds. Make sure that anyone in your property can comfortably lift the canister.

Refills. Most fire extinguisher brands today can be refilled after you use them or they expire. Refilling a unit is often significantly less expensive than buying a whole new canister. Many fire departments offer this service, but be sure to check with your local station.

Range. Most fire extinguishers release between 12 and 18 feet from the fire. Evaluate the size of your space and consider how wide the fire can extend. For larger areas, it is suggested to have multiple fire extinguishers around the house.


Question / Answer

Q: What is the best fire extinguisher for home use?

A: For home use, you can select a multipurpose (A, B, C) extinguisher and size that is right for you and your family.

Q: What is the best type of fire extinguisher?

A: Under high-stress situations, you often don’t have time to think which fire extinguisher suitable for the kind of fire emergency. So, it is suggested to get Class ABC fire extinguishers, which can fight common household fires, including combustibles, flammable liquids and gas, and electrical fires.

Q: What is the best fire extinguisher for a car?

A: Dry chemical and clean agent models work best for car fires. Dry chemical fire extinguishers work by interrupting chemical reactions of the fire and are effective against Class A, B, and C fires. Meanwhile, clean agent fire extinguishers use a mix of gases to put out Class A and B fires.

Q: What type of fire extinguisher is used for most fires?

A: Most common fires are triggered by ordinary combustibles, flammable liquids and gases, and electrical equipment. Class ABC fire extinguishers can handle these common triggers of fires.

Q: Where to buy a fire extinguisher

A:  The best place to buy fire extinguishers is Amazon. It has been referred to as “one of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world,” as well as the world’s most valuable brand. It offers a wide variety of fire extinguishers from different reputable brands, including Amerex, First Alert, and Kidde. Since it is an online platform, prices are better than brick-and-mortar local stores.