Best Wall Safe Buyers Guide and Review Guide

The idea of moving a wall frame and bringing out a secret safe is not just for super-rich people, spies, and movie characters. Locking away your valuable items in a bank’s deposit vault keeps your valuables safe from thieves but accessing them is difficult and time-consuming. The bank’s vault is not practical for your expensive jewelry or luxury watches you regularly wear, sensitive computer discs or drives, emergency cash, prescription medication, legal documents, firearms, etc. This where wall safes come in.

Wall safe is generally a cheaper option than a floor safe, and it’s a much more convenient safe for regularly accessed items. But not all safes are created equal. You need to know exactly what to look for in a wall safe and make the right choice. Below, we’ve rounded up the best wall safes on the market that will help you make an informed decision on the right one for your needs and budget.

Paragon 7750 Electronic Wall Lock and Safe.83 CF Hidden In Wall Large Safe (Limited Edition)

The Paragon 7750 is one of the highest-rated wall safes best for people ready for an upgrade from a small safe to a wall safe. It is made of 1/8″ thick of solid steel with interior dimensions of 20.25′ x 14.25″ x 3.75″ and features tamper-proof hinges, a one-inch frame, and grey carpet padding. It has anchor bolts and an electronic lock with an LED and a buzzer.

What we particularly like about this unit is that it’s easy to install in a concealed location, whether behind a picture or inside a closet, despite it being heavy. The spring door, temporary keypad lockout option, and hidden master key are useful features. The manufacturer gives its buyer the kind of quality this unit brings to you with its 10-year manufacturer warranty.


·         Low price

·         Built with a heavy-duty frame that offers maximum safety of your valuables

·         Easy to mount and conceal

·         Perfect for both home and office use


·         Shelves are not adjustable

·         Buzzer cannot be muted

Review snippet from an owner

“Inexpensive, solid, great features, easy install.”


Homak Between the Studs High-Security Steel Wall Safe

It is a good wall safe for an old-school person who wants something reliable yet straightforward. The Homak wall safe can lock with a tubular key and no other locking mechanisms that bring complications to the process.  The Homak is a 1.5mm thick steel wall safe with 17-1/4″ x 4″x 11-3/4″ dimensions, which can be easily concealed behind a picture frame or a mirror. You can’t find a hidden wall safe in the same quality as more affordable than this one. It’s sturdy, provides plenty of space, and easy to install. The locking mechanism consists of two separate locks for extra security but not convenient in case of emergency.


·         Price is awesome

·         Perfectly fit between the studs

·         Sturdy and spacious

·         With anti-pry lip

·         Easy to install


·         No padding on the inside

·         Annoying locking mechanism in two separate locks

Review snippet from an owner

“Very Practical and Well Made”


V-Line Closet Vault II Wall Gun Cabinet

If you’re looking for the best wall safe for handguns, the V-Line Close Vault II Gun Cabinet is perfect for you. It is made of 16-gauge steel that offers optimum protection without concern of an unwanted guest gaining easy access. The case is built with pre-punched holes, making the unit easy to install according to your needs. It can be locked with your five-digit code, and no key included or needed to be used.


·         Enough storage for your guns

·         Quick and easy installation

·         Great price

·         Compact design and simple mechanical lock


·         Small and shallow

·         Small locking rod

·         Manual lock

·         Pricey

Review snippet from an owner

“Although pricy, the V-Line Vault II checked all of my boxes. The construction is solid, fit, and finish are on par with what you would expect for American made. The installation is straight forward, requiring only a few simple tools to get it done.”


Protex Fire Resistant Safe (WES2113-DF)

This is a fireproof wall safe that offers protection to your valuable items inside up to 30 minutes during a fire. It is equipped with a fire-resistant interior liner that also makes this safe waterproof. You can create a unique code to gain access to the safe through an electronic lock. There are two backup keys provided that allow you to open the safe for those times you may have forgotten the code. It is easy to mount and conceal, and you’ll be able to store oversized items inside easily with its removal shelves.


·         Fire resistant

·         Easy to mount

·         Removable shelves

·         Made of durable and robust metal


·         Expensive price point

·         Wall placement is tricky because of its size


Barska Biometric Fingerprint Security Wall Safe

If you love biometric technology, Barska’s biometric lock, which can store and recognize up to 120 different users, is just perfect for you. This wall safe is made of steel and offers a two-point deadbolt system. Backup keys are provided for secondary access. Unlike some biometric locks on the market, the Barska’s reader works flawlessly. It is easy to install and comes with mounting screws and hardware. It’s the best wall safe for the money. Unfortunately, you should be aware of some parts made of plastic as they might be prone to damage.


·         Emergency hidden lock with a key

·         External battery pack

·         Responsive biometric reader

·         Comes with mounting screws and hardware


·         Internal battery compartment and the opening knob are made of plastic

·         Can be opened with a crowbar in a few minutes

Review snippet from an owner

“Our safe has a total of three people’s fingerprints set on it, and I can’t recall EVER not having the safe open on the first attempt. We have never cleaned the sensor and never changed the batteries.”


Stack-On PWS-15522 Wall Safe with Electronic Lock

The manufacturer claims the Stack-On PWS-15522 is a fireproof wall safe to 1400° external temperature for 30 minutes, but it’s not UL-rated. It’s equipped with an electronic keypad locking mechanism that allows a 3-8 digit combination with a supplemental key. It’s fitted with a total of 2 steel live-action locking bolts. It’s made up of solid steel but relatively thin walls and doors. The manufacturer offers a three-year warranty. It requires a standard 16-inch space on the center studded wall to install the wall safe. The package includes all the needed mounting hardware.


·         Fully equipped with mounting hardware

·         Fitted with 2 steel live-action locking bolts

·         It has two removable shelves


·         Thin walls and doors

·         Recessed door takes up a lot of the interior space

Review snippet from an owner

“Relatively easy to install when you have wall studs that are 16″ on center. I specifically chose this model because it has a keyed backup in case the electronics fail.”


Able Digital Electronic Flat Recessed Wall Hidden Safe

This recessed wall safe features digital entry, but a master key is included in the event of lost or forgotten codes. PINs can be programmed as short as three digits and as long as eight digits. It is equipped with a hidden lock with two keys. It has a thick solid steel construction, two shelves, and a heavy-duty chrome steel pin bolt throw system, which is way better than just latch. Padding is in place to protect delicate items. Mounts inside wall and recessed to keep safe hidden.


·         Price is awesome

·         Good value for the money

·         Easy to hide

·         Easy to use


·         Installation is a bit tricky

·          Very loud beeping when pushing a button

Review snippet from an owner

“Bought this for my 80-year-old mother. It’s easy to use and good value for the money.”


V-Line Quick Access Keyless Shotgun Safe

This wall safe is primarily designed to fit your firearms and ready to use when you need it. You can fit a single shotgun or a rifle inside. It’s easy to access your gun inside in this slim wall safe even in high-stress situations. Made from 16-gauge steel, this safe has a compact and sleek design, making it easy to hide. It has pre-drilled holes in it, so it’s easy to mount it on any hiding spots you desire.

With a Simplex lock mechanic system, you don’t need to worry about batteries running low. However, if you need to be fully secured that no one can pry into the safe, two additional bolts on the top and bottom of the safe are needed. Both bolts need to be opened individually with a key.


·         Simplex mechanical lock

·         Good price

·         Easy to use

·         Compact design

·         Made from 16 gauge steel


·         Additional security needs to open two bolts separately

·         Front door is a bit easy to pry

Review snippet from an owner

“I love the simplex lock style that doesn’t depend on batteries or electricity to open.”


AMSEC WFS149E5 Fire Wall Safe

This American Security (AMSEC) wall safe is a UL-rated at Class 350 for one hour, which means it will protect your valuables inside from roaring flames and withstand a 30-foot drop. It will keep anything inside safe even after falling from two stories burning and crumbling building. It features an E5 high-security electronic keypad lock with ½” solid steel live-locking bolt and deadbolts. It has ½” 11-gauge pry-secure steel door. The thickness is impressive but a bit of a downside, too, making the interior storage area smaller than in some competitors.  The safe is 13 ½ “deep, which may not be a good fit for all homes. If uncertain, it is a good idea to consult a professional installer if you choose this fireproof wall safe.


·         Protects paper at 350° for an hour

·         Reliable E5 electronic keypad

·         Thick metal door


·         Not easy to install

·         Pricey

Review snippet from an owner

“Very solid and well made. It is quite heavy (over 100 lbs) and should be professionally installed.”


Gardall Concealed Wall Safe

This cute wall safe is small enough to hide away easily from view. It features both a keypad locking system and key override, so you can rest assured that your valuables are being protected from burglars and easy to access by you. It is made of heavy gauge steel and has a triple bolt on the door.


·         High quality and durable

·         Enough room for very select valuable items

·         Discreet and concealed


·         Expensive than larger models on the market

·         Not enough room for all your valuables

·         Not easy to install

Review snippet from an owner

“This is a well-constructed, heavy-duty wall safe. The exterior and interior appear to have powder-coated paint.”


How We Choose the Safes

Quality. The material is one of the essential features we look out for when reviewing a wall safe. Something tough and durable will provide the reassurance that the valuables are kept safe and sound. Tough steel is far more challenging to break into. We consider brands that have been on the market for many years and look into their quality. We believe that the better quality of a wall safe, the more peace of mind it provides to the users knowing that their belongings will be safe. We also take a very long time to review their wall safes’ additional features, such as warranty and locks.

Reviews. We spent a lot of hours testing a particular wall safe to recommend the best picks for consumers.  To ensure reliable testing, we do repeat tests of each product. Most information on our reviews was coming from our independent tests, but we also added information from consumer feedbacks. These insights from the users of the products also helped us build review methodologies and design new ways to research and test products.

Brand. When choosing which one to test, we prioritize known brands that have been on the market for so long because they are likely of high quality. They won’t be on the market that long for nothing.


Features that are important in a wall safe

Accessibility. While it is a good idea to get a wall safe that can baffle even the most expert of crackers, it also needs to be accessible for your eyes and hands. Budget choices may keep your valuables hidden from prying eyes but may not stop an experienced thief from stealing your important assets inside. You need to install your safe somewhere that’s hidden but easy to reach and convenient for you to get into.

Locks. The lock is an integral part of a safe. Choose a lock that you’re most comfortable to work or open and shut. Focus on ease of use for yourself rather than for how the most expert criminals find a way of breaking. In reality, no lock is impenetrable. Biometric, round dials, keypads are just common locks you can choose. Some wall safes are equipped with two locks for additional safety.

Material. Wall safes made of tough and durable material will give you extra peace of mind that your belongings are kept safe and sound. Tough steel will be far more challenging to break into when compared to plastic.

Size. There are different sizes of wall safes on the market. When choosing a size, think about what valuables you will be protected with the wall safe. Also, you need to consider the area where you want your wall safe to be installed as size will make a big difference to how you need to install the wall safe and keep it hidden.

Quality. Prioritize the quality of the product to get more peace of mind knowing that your belongings will be safe.

Additional Features. Think many times what added features of a wall safe that you desire. Make those decisions now whatever you think will be necessary for you.  It could be internal padding for your delicate items, or two locks that offer extra security, or warranty, or perhaps interior lights.


Question / Answer

Q: Where is the best place to install a small wall safe in our home?

A: Behind a massive piece of furniture. You can place your wall safe behind the piano, couch, or anything else that can hardly be moved. This option is only practical if you don’t need to access your wall safe often.

In a secondary bedroom. Thieves usually think wall safes are installed in a master bedroom closet. Trick a burglar and install your wall safe in a secondary bedroom but not in your children’s room so as not to put your loved ones in danger.

Behind bookcases. Glue a row of books that are not useful anymore to you and hollow out their pages. The idea is to make space enough to hide the front panel of the wall safe.

Behind paintings. While the location is pretty common, it’s still effective. Often, burglars don’t have enough time to check every painting all over your house. This option also gives you more convenient access to your valuables when you need them than any other locations listed above.